Every Sugared couple that give us the honour of styling their wedding day has the opportunity to access our range of unique custom made pieces. On this page you can see some of our most impressive pieces at the disposal of our couples. Please take a look through. Dry hiring these pieces only is not an option sorry. If you wish to have one of these items as part of your wedding, please chat to Tanya as we can assist with flower arrangements and any of your styling needs. Going with one supplier for all the visual elements of your wedding has it’s perks! Tanya – tanya@sugaredstyle.com.au




This piece… oh this piece!! The whole team completely adore this chapel backdrop. It is a freestanding frame in the shape of a chapel with a suspended large window. It can be placed in a field, in a garden or any outdoor space you want to add that finish touch to. It is a perfect ceremony backdrop but we also have a vision of this being behind the bridal table for an outdoor reception.


Photo credit: Quince and Mulberry Studios

The timber structure shown in the two photos to the right, can sit over a bridal table to give an above head feature at a venue that does not allow ceiling suspension (example in the far right photo). In the photo closest here it has a suspended table top included which we have used as a bridal table and as a bar.

Photo credit: Quince and Mulberry Studios (left) and Dan Vonhoff Photography (right)

Tulle table skirt… yes when we say tulle you think of the cheap and horribly stiff tulle, it is not appealing. But as you see in the photo to the left, we have used high quality soft tulle to create our bridal table skirt. It gives a truly magical feel to the room and character to your main table.  cascading on to the floor are the many layers making it look like you are floating on a cloud.

Finish it with a cascading flower arrangement and you are set! 

We can accommodate a bridal table up to 12 people.

In this photo you can also see our white mesh panel backdrop. This is an ideal piece behind your bridal table or at your ceremony. We imagine it covered in flowers and even a timber sign with a personalised monogram hand written hanging in the middle. We have two of these panels.


Photo credit: Quince and Mulberry Studios


Our copper stands shown here are just one example of custom made pieces we have that give your wedding reception an individual look. These stands were designed for the venue in which a flower piece cannot be suspended from the ceiling.

The stand sits in the centre of the table and then flower arrangements and suspended candle holders can be added. It fills the room well and gives a visual higher than just a traditional centrepiece but also does not  block guests from conversing across the table with each other.


Photo credit: Embellysh


In our collection we also have high quality Wisteria in a quantity that can create a suspended Wisteria panel or vertical Wisteria wall up to a size of 30m2. Yes!! All types of yes!!!!

The suspended Wisteria panels work well hanging from the ceiling in the centre of a reception room, above the bridal table or above the dance floor.

The vertical Wisteria wall is designed for behind a bridal table or in a ceremony. It can also cover a wall in a reception room as a feature.



We have these white geometric shapes in three different sizes. They have been utilised as suspended flower features as shown here. But also as cascading centrepieces, as per the photos below. The possibilities with these are something we often day dream about.

Edison bulbs can also be added.


Photo credit: Quanita Photography (left) and Quince and Mulberry Studios (right) and Asiara Media (below three photos)


This fireplace backdrop is one of a kind. We are firm believers in making each wedding unique. We custom made and added this piece to our collection for a style shoot at Spicers Hidden Vale with Quince and Mulberry Studios and are yet to create this for a wedding… could it be at your wedding?

We also picture this with the bottom ledge covered in pillar candles or it sitting behind a couple’s wedding cake.

We can tailor the look to suit your personal taste and style.


Photo credit: Quince and Mulberry Studios


For my own wedding I worked with the cake designer to come up with a system that could suspend our wedding cake upside down. This was the result!

This suspended cake stand is still in my collection and available for you to utilise.

I have also used this stand to hang a flower ball behind a bridal table as you can see in the photo to the right.


Photo credit: Sophie Baker Photography (left)

Then we have freestanding suspended dessert stations and a curved arch from which we have previously suspended donuts. We thrive on coming up with unique elements for our clients’ special day.


Photo credit: Don’t Say Cheese Photography (left) and Nak Photography (right)

In our collection is also a range of:

  • Black matte cutlery
  • Gold cutlery
  • Rose gold/copper cutlery
  • Sequin linens
  • Satin linens
  • Coloured napkins

This is far from our entire range, it is just a glimpse of what we have to pull from to create your wedding day vision. Please click here and email Tanya to chat more about how we can assist you.