Yes You Can Afford A Wedding Planner!

whatwedoimageThere’s a real misconception when it comes to wedding planning that only those with a super budget can afford a professional wedding planner.   The reality is though that using the right wedding planner can actually save you both time and money, making us a much more affordable resource then most couples think! Here are my top three reasons for using a professional wedding planner: see Cost savings What I hear you say? How can spending money on a  white girl dating filipino guy wedding planner save us money? The simple truth is that we know the industry. We know the going rate for styling elements, marquees, sub hire, florists and photographers – so if you are being overcharged we can find a better solution for you. What’s more, good wedding planners will have a network of local suppliers that they regularly work with meaning we have access to better rates and better quality product than the general public. We are also very, very good at negotiating pricing to suit a budget. If your wedding planner could shave thousands off your budget items AND remove the burden of having to plan, book and manage your wedding day – why wouldn’t you use one? watch Less stress I have a great infographic to the right, which outlines the average hours required for planning your wedding – 200 to be precise. When you’re juggling commitments such as work, family or study – that’s an awful lot of hours to try and find! We are also great negotiators, facilitators and mediators meaning that you won’t have to be bothered with any pricing negotiations, supplier issues, catering problems or venue issues that might arise. Think of your wedding planner as the ultimate event support team! Using a professional wedding planner frees up your time to focus on and importantly – enjoy – your wedding day. Access to more creative styling and themeing Styling is a speciality unique to wedding planners. We know how to take your wedding board and the pages that you have ripped out of magazines and turn those visions into a reality. We have the suppliers, product, experience and creative flair to get the exact look and theme that you want for your special day. So there you have it, there’s definitely a strong argument for using a professional wedding planner for your big day.