How to choose the right makeup style for your wedding day – Guest Blogger Molly Dunkle

I am incredibly proud to work regularly with the talented make up artist Molly from Dunkle Authentic. Molly is my guest blogger and here is her professional advice for all Brides… How to choose the right makeup style for your wedding day: There are a number of makeup styles to choose between. This is exciting of course, but can also get confusing and even a little scary. My advice is to trust your gut, and go with your true style. Simply said, you want to feel amazing on your wedding day. Styles range from soft and natural, to bold and bright, to smokey and sexy. Are you a less-is-more kinda gal? Or do memories of your senior prom flash by of you caked with bronzer, heavy amounts of sticky lip gloss, and singing to Fergie’s G L A M O R O U S…? Let’s maybe tone it down a little for the wedding day. Consider your theme. Red roses as your key feature? You might love a classic makeup look with gentle winged eyeliner and red lips. Pretty peonies perched around your venue? Let’s go a satin pink lip with a glowing smokey eye. A fall wedding? Maybe a bold plum lip with a soft brown eye. A few options to ponder: Eyes: Classic winged liner and soft nude shadows? Smokey eyes with shimmery browns, silvers, or blacks? A touch of colour with soft purples, navys, or peaches? Lip stick: Something bold, say red, plums, or brighter pinks? Choose a matte finish as this will hold up better during smooches, drinks, and dinner. Lighter pink or nudes? Go with a satin or glossy finish. It adds a nice dimension in pictures and you can reapply without a mirror. Ask your makeup artist for an extra lippie for touch ups! lashes: Lashes or simply mascara? Consider layering on individual lashes instead of the full bar, they tend to be less irritating to the eye, not as heavy, and less likely to peel up on the sides as the dancing gets rowdy. Ultimately, there are no rules. This is about you, your style, and what you feel good in. Congrats!! Molls xx Please take a look at the work of Molly at our Sugared Weddings Styled Shoot: