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“A very special thank you to my Insanely talented wedding stylist Tanya and her beautiful team who created us the most magical wedding ceremony and reception I could of ever dreamed of! When you burst into tears because you are so overwhelmed by how incredibly beautiful it looked you know you got the right people to do the job! (I can’t wait to see the professional ones of the reception these photos don’t do it justice) Thank you Sugared Style! You turned my dreams into a reality by creating something even more spectacular then I ever could of imagined it to be. Highly highly recommend!!! 10/10″

– Alyssa and Bardon

“Just sending a little note to tell you how thankful I am for everything you did for us on Friday. You literally blew me away! When I saw what you had put together, I just couldn’t believe how perfect it was. It is like you took my dream wedding out of my head and made it happen. You are an absolute super star. How did I get so lucky to have you work your magic for us?!

Every little detail was perfection. The rings above the bridal table were out of this world. As were the quotes, the flowers, the candles, the LOVE sign and the stunning antique dresser. I still can’t get over it. Absolutely, incredibly, beautiful.

You were a dream to work with and nothing was too hard. You are not only my ‘wedding stylist’ but my friend and always will be.

Thank you for making my dreams come true – I just couldn’t have done it without you.”

– Kate Evans

“I’ve been thinking about what to write to you and I honestly don’t know where to begin. You made every single part of our wedding day perfect!

From our first meeting a few months before the wedding I instantly felt at ease and the weight lifted from my shoulder. Although we only hired you as an ‘On the day coordinator’ you went above and beyond without any hesitation!

I really want to thank you for everything you did – but in particular for making our ceremony perfect when behind the scenes was chaos, for driving all over the city picking up our bits and pieces, for your beautiful styling skills and for saving my night when my dress broke mid reception! You knew instantly when something went wrong and was there before I even had a chance to worry! And you did it all with an 8 week old baby!! You are super woman!

Please pass on our huge thank you to your wonderful team and your amazing hubby. Everyone in your team were just a dream to work with.”

Jenna and Matt